I am currently writing full time for Engineering Dimensions, a bimonthly magazine published by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the engineering regulator for Canada’s most populous province. I have included some of my articles published here, complete with hyperlinks. I have also mentioned some of my earlier arts-based writing; unfortunately, the links for many of those sites are no longer be valid, but where possible I have included media links where my articles have been mentioned.

Engineering Dimensions

Designing for Dementia,” January/February 2020 issue, pp. 40-45, focusing on the role that Ontario engineers play in improving the lives for people living with dementia-spectrum disorders

This Engineer’s Dedication is Helping to Evolve Ontario’s Building Techniques,” January/February 2020 issue, pp. 20-21, profiling a up-and-coming engineer who specializes in building tall-wood structures, in light of a recent change to the Ontario Building Code that allows for taller buildings made principally from wood

Radiohead Coroner’s Inquest Recommendations Considered by Council,” January/February 2020 issue, pp. 8-9, a news article focusing on PEO’s action stemming from a coroner’s inquest’s recommendations stemming from a temporary stage collapse at Toronto’s Downsview Park just hours prior to a Radiohead rock concert

Pikangikum: A Northern Ontario First Nations Community in Transition,” November/December 2018 issue, pp. 35-40, an exploration of an isolated and remote First Nations community and its efforts–with the help of three engineers–to improve their infrastructure and living conditions

Writing for Dance

For Dance Umbrella of Ontario’s website, I wrote its webpage The Business of Dance, giving crucial advice to Ontario’s dance artists.

Also at Dance Umbrella of Ontario, I profiled leading Ontario dance artist Malgorzata Nowacka.

Film Reviews

Unfortunately, Toronto Film Scene, for whom I once wrote, is no longer online; however, I have included external links to articles referencing my writing.

With Toronto Film Scene, I reviewed the Canadian documentary Expo 67. It was an assembly of archival footage and talking heads interviews about a legendary event in Canadian history. The article is no longer available online, but my review was quoted on the doc’s online promotion.

I had the opportunity to review the 17th anniversary presentation of Animation Show of Shows, an assembly of animated shorts. Again, look at their website for hints to what I wrote.

Interestingly, I am even mentioned in IMDb for reviewing the UK move 45 Years, the movie for which its star, Charlotte Rampling, made headlines for after giving a notorious interview after being nominated for an Oscar.

Interviews and Profiles

I am also a prolific interviewer and profile writer in the arts. Among those interviewed by me include the late film and TV director Leon Marr for his last feature film, The Second Time Around; and British veteran director Hugh Hudson for his cinematic effort Altamira, a British-Spanish co-production about prehistoric cave paintings in northern Spain.  I created a carefully crafted interview that does the film justice.  I also interviewed film director Marc Meyers on his movie How He Fell in Love.