Film Reviews

Review of Warren Beatty’s newest feature film, Rules Don’t Apply. I am particularly proud of my creative critique of a disappointing effort by the usually strong Beatty.  Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Review of the documentary Koneline: our beautiful land, which won the Best Feature Documentary at the 2016 Hot Docs Film Festival.  My review is part of the film’s promotional material. Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Review of the film Labyrinth of Lies.  The worst movies make for the best reviews. Better yet, watch how I tie it into a slightly stronger film, 13 Minutes Published by Toronto Film Scene.

I enjoy reviewing kids’ movies.  I found my review for On Wheels, quite creative.

Review of the Norwegian film Hevn.  My review was more chilling than this thriller.  Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Interviews and Profiles

My latest interview was with film and TV director Leon Marr, for his latest feature film, The Second Time Around.

I interviewed British veteran director Hugh Hudson for his latest cinematic effort, Altamira, a British-Spanish co-production about prehistoric cave paintings in northern Spain.  I created a carefully crafted interview that does the film justice.  Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Interview with film director Marc Meyers on his movie How He Fell in Love.  I’m particularly proud of what I’m able to create based on a short interview.

Feature-length Articles

Theatrical Evolution: A History of TIFF’s Relationship to Yonge and Bloor This is a must read for film and local-history buffs who like the nostalgia of old-time movie palaces.  Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Remaking the Classics: Famous Films that Were Remakes You may be surprised to find out that some of your favourite classic Hollywood movies are remakes. Read this article to find out which seminal classics are reboots.  Published by Toronto Film Scene.

Writing for the Arts Organization

The Business of Dance  I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the business side of Ontario’s dance community.  Written for and published by Dance Umbrella of Ontario.