Adam Sidsworth is a journalist, writer, editor, and photographer.  He is currently the associate editor for Engineering Dimensions, the quarterly publication for Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). PEO is the regulatory body for professional engineers in Ontario, and Engineering Dimensions is read by Ontario’s 90,000 professional engineers and is available at no charge to the public.

engineering dimensions

Adam has a background writing corporate communications, including at both Metrolinx and the LCBO.  Adam is is a versatile writer, having also written in the arts sector, including Toronto’s thriving film and dance sectors.  Armed with both a fine arts and liberal arts degree from York University, Adam supplemented his education with an certificates in editing and digital photography from George Brown College.  Adam’s photography focuses on photojournalism and portrait photography.

Adam’s website is designed to illustrate his versatile writing skills in diverse topics ranging from music, movies, burlesque, and Toronto’s local history.  For more information, please feel free to contact Adam.

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